Facebook is now part of the digital entrepreneur toolbox.

But how to make the right choices on this social network?

Buddyweb, a web agency in Paris, writes this article. The facebook pages are quite easy to make but their maximization is asking a minimum knowledge. A well maximized facebook page bring several advantages:

- Improving the brand image: A well-illustrated Facebook page, which contains the right information, reinforces the brand image and gives a message of confidence.

- Improving the SEO on Facebook: a well-maximized and full will bring out more often in the Facebook Internet search, and also in the search engines, like Google.

- Encourage at sharing: Who wants to follow and like an ugly and incomplete page? Make the access easier to information with a pleasant and well-organized page and your fans will share your publications.

Are you ready to maximize yours? There is a little reminder of good tips so you can maximize your Facebook page.

1. Cover picture and logo.

It’s the first thing you see when you come in the page. We have 2 spaces: the profile and the cover picture.

The cover picture is the biggest; you can add a banner in your colours, illustrations, picture, text, etc…

Be careful: Facebook recently announced that the cover pictures text couldn’t exceed 20% of the surface. The cover picture has to be 850 x 315 pixels maximum.

The profile picture is smaller, shrank to 160 x 160 pixels on the page, it will be repeat on the website in a miniature with your publications. The picture need to be understandable even when it is really small: which is why the companies choose to insert their logos or their initial.

2. The right title for a Facebook Page

Your page title will be use in the search engine results (HTML tag “title”). We could place some key words but we advice you to stay as simple as possible to avoid a spam image. Ideally it’s your company name, nothing more.

3. Choose the right categories.

Recently, Facebook suggests us to choose categories as well as sub-categories (called “location sub-categories”). If you don’t fill those, the main category will be displayed under your logo, otherwise it will be the sub-categories.

It’s possible to choose up to 3 sub-categories, since there are few of them (for now), up to you to select the most appropriate.

4. A relevant description

Editable since the “Brief description” field, it’s limited to 140 types. It’s supposed to be as short as a tweet and present your organization. It is the only fixed and editable text of the main page, it’s now or never to insert 1 or 2 keywords of your activity. It’s possible to insert a link: you just need to type the URL so it can be clickable.

5. A maximized URL address

If your page has more than 25 fans, you can “claim” your URL address (like: https://www.facebook.com/Buddyweb.fr) to your Facebook page. It’s nicer than a long series of numbers.

6. A well filled out card

Take your time to fill in the different fields to present your company. To inform the address and the phone number gives information to your visitors and also transmits your localization to search engines (Google proposes more and more personalized results depending on localization). Don’t forget to also put at least one link towards your website (even if you already put it in your description).

7. Use your newsfeed and timeline like a pro

The shared content on your timeline is your Facebook page’s heart. It’s your role to present an attractive content for your fans and to put it in form correctly and alternate between statuses, pictures, videos and links. The photographs are adjusted to return in a square of 404x404 pixels. There is also the possibility of promoting them as « ahead photographs » so that they can occupy all the width with a size of 851x315 pixels.

The Keys Moment also makes it possible to insert a picture of the same size there.

Create extern links, which indicate a page increase the notoriety of it. Despite the differences with the traditional websites, a Facebook page stays a web page and search engines support pages that have the most entering links.

Numerous websites in where a profile can be created propose to put a link that leads to a Facebook page: it’s time to do so ! Those links will increase the Facebook page’s ranking on Google.


To conclude, on Facebook as elsewhere on the web, the good practices often make the difference. If Facebook is a part of your communication means (and it should), take a moment to check that your company page answers to the demands above to make the difference and increase its profitability.